Weed Treatment #2

The 2nd treatment for weeds in Green and Round Lakes will be done the week of July 16.  See this map Green Lake Treatment Map 072012 for treatment areas.  On the map, yellow=Eel Grass and native pondweed treatment; green=Eursion Water Milfoil treatment and purple=nuisance algae.  PLM will be posting signs in yards within 100′ of the treatment areas.  Remember…if within the treatment area don’t swim for 24 hours and don’t water your lawn from the lake for 3 days.  For those outside the treatment areas there are no restrictions.  Also…the MDEQ only allows us to treat weeds with 300 feet of the shoreline and up to a water depth of 5′.  So normal water activities like tubing, sking, etc., can occur if outside the treatment areas and if more than 300′ from the shoreline