July 2 Boat Parade & *FIREWORKS*

BOAT PARADE–July 2 at 7:30 PM decorate your boat patriotically and meet in the “big” lake by the slalom course.  The boats will parade around both lakes and finish in time for the fireworks display. Prize for best decorated boat.

FIREWORKS–July 2 at dark shot over the “big” portion of Green Lake.  If watching by yboat…PLEASE stay at least 500′ away from the Reus beach where the fireworks will be launched from.  The general public is invited to view the fireworks from the Leighton Township Park 4545 West Shore Dr.  Parking is available at the Green Lake Calvary Church located at 608  145th Ave (aka Kalamazoo Ave).  The park is a short walk to the North on West Shore Dr. from the church.